Myanmar Ministers' Retreat

Expose • Equip • Engage

Promoting the "3Es"

Helping ordinary people do God's extraordinary work
Since 2003 MissionGuides has helped ordinary Christians get involved with God's extraordinary globe-spanning work by filling the calendar with the "3Es":

EXPOSING ordinary Christians to God's extraordinary work in the world through classes like the Perspectives Course or small group trainings like the WorldView Cafe or OnMission...

EQUIPPING them with tools to share their faith story and start spiritual conversation with others...

and ENGAGING the world by creating hands-on opportunities to use their
new knowledge at home and abroad.

About MissionGuides

MissionGuides is a Wisconsin-based missions advocacy ministry that exists to EXPOSE ordinary Christians to God’s extraordinary work, EQUIP them with tools to get involved with that work and creates opportunities to ENGAGE the world at home or overseas.

Since 2003, MissionGuides has been working with church partners in Trinidad Guyana, Sri Lanka, Burma and the USA giving people from North Eastern Wisconsin experiences with their faith that are larger than Sunday morning and much bigger than their hometowns.

At home, classes like the Perspectives Course and the WorldView Cafe have encouraged regular people to explore what they can do for Jesus anywhere in the world. Some have even become long-term missionaries as a result.

Our work is also taking exciting new steps as our partners move into new fields. Trinidad is meeting us in Guyana and the work in Sri Lanka is now extending into Myanmar where encouraging churches, strengthening pastors and pushing out the edges of the Gospel is taking top priority.

Past work has included the building of churches, schools, community centers and playgrounds. Medical missions, youth events, evangelism teams and feeding the homeless have also been a part of our adventures.
MGI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit missions advocacy ministry registered in the state of Wisconsin and is generously supported by individuals and church supporters whose faithful encouragement has made so much possible.

Gathering the Nations

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"For I know their works and their thoughts; the time is coming to gather all nations and tongues. And they shall come and see My glory. " - Isaiah 66:18

What a joy to be a part of God's adventerous work! Over the years we have met MANY interesting people and have had the priviledge to explain the Gospel so that God's desire to bring all peoples back to Himself would be accomplished. Meet some of the people we have on our trips by clicking the album on the right

See even more by visiting and watch short videos from the places MissionGuides has been to.
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